Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marc goes out!

Tuesday was Marc's two-weeks birthday, how about that, huh? After a rainy weekend the good sunny days came back to Chicago and we could finally take Marc out for a stroll. His pediatrician had recommended us to wait a couple of weeks, so we did.

It was a short walk around the block, but Marc seemed to enjoy the fresh air and so did mom. After 10 minutes walking Lily was really tired, she's doing great with the recovery after the long labor and cesarean, but still needs to take it easy, relax and not push the envelope.

Also, after we've had time to settle down, friends started stopping by. Last Friday Danna and Rami came home for a late coffee and some candy, it was nice to chill out, chat and catch up. A couple of days later Lily's friends stop by to meet Marc as well!

Otherwise, no news good news, days keep passing by fairly quietly. I can't believe that Monday will be time to go back to work, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I will miss spending time home and seeing Marc meet slowly, but surely the small milestones. There go a few pictures of Marc napping (his favorite sport :)):


carlos said...

hey muchacho, enhorabuena por el primer paseo, un gran paso para este nuevo hombre, y por la recuperación de Lily. Tambien me gustó mucho tu reflexión del dia 12. En fin pilarín, que sigas disfrutando de estas vacaciones y de esos momentos en los que estais todos despiertos ;-)

un abrazo,

macandchen said...

Hombreeeeeee!!!!! Que alegria leer tu comentario! Pues si si, fue un pequeno paso para la humanidad y un gran paseo para Marc.

Espero que lo pases genial en vuestro viaje por Australia!

Un abrazo!