Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The blue room

I guess 3 posts is enough to let people know that this blog exists :), maybe tomorrow I will send the email.

The last 3 days I've been working from home, on Monday I got a root canal and today we had our monthly appointment with the doctor to check on the pregnancy progress, everything is good. I really think we are very lucky with the nurse and doctor we got assigned at the Swedish Covenant Hospital, I can not imagine more supportive and encouraging people, they really are great, they were during the first few months when Lily was feeling terrible and they are even more so now, more than half way through the pregnancy.

Yesterday was the day when the room formerly known as the office became Marc's future room, gone is the salmon color we chose back in the day and in is the new "Honolulu blue"... Lily and I often times talk about how lucky children are nowadays. Marc's first room is a small one, but one very bright and sunny. I remember how growing up I used to share my room with my 2 sisters, only when I was 12 I got my first room and I remember the excitement as if it was today. In any case, sharing the room with my sisters was great, my older sister Mari Carmen is the best old sister you could dream of, I remember the games we used to play before Ana and I would fall asleep... jezzz, I'm starting to sound like grandpa Miguel.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, Marc's room is blue and ready, so the future arrival of Marc is becoming more and more real... in any case, everyday he let us know that he's around, kicking and moving more and more often, as Dr Brennan said, we may have a little soccer player.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Things you do when you are bored

A friend send me the link to this website, pretty cool stuff: