Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank god for technology

I'm not a big fan of technology, it may sound strange considering I'm a Telecom engineer and I've been working in the next big thing for the last 9 years, first 3G when data on a phone meant just texting, then 4G when just data was not good enough, it had to be broadband data... And yet, I often times see technology just like a means for humans to interact less with one another.

There are exceptions obviously, I love that I can talk to my family and friends on the phone no matter what the distance that separates us.

I also love that I can share special moments with special people almost immediately, through this blog for example, or our Picasa site, or facebook...

However, never did I appreciate technology more than this week. Marc and Lily flew to Beijing on Tuesday, they'll be there for 3 weeks. Since they've been gone, nearly every night we do video calls on skype and seeing them means the world to me. I love to see Baobao laughing, making funny noises. I loved how he was fascinated seeing Dad in that monitor, yet he could not touch him or hug him.

It certainly is not the same as having them home, but is much better than not seeing them for 3 weeks.

Love you both! Have fun and come back safely.

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