Thursday, December 4, 2008

Marc is 3 months old...

I won't repeat again how fast time passes by... but the truth is Marc is already 3 months old.

He has grown a lot over the last few weeks, next week we'll have his next pediatrician appointment and are starting to wonder what his weight and length will be... his 3 months old clothes are starting to be too short for him. During his next visit he'll get more shots, his doctor suggested to get those prior to our flight to Spain, probably a good idea, I usually get sick after that trip (how ironic that I almost never get a cold in Chicago, but almost always I get one while back home in sunny Altea)... I certainly hope Marc doesn't...

Anyways, 3 months indeed, it's now starting to be almost impossible to believe that Marc has not been always around. Everybody was right, yes, life changes once you have a baby. It did not change in the way that some mentioned though:

- we still don't feel the urge to move to the suburbs.
- we still don't feel that a condo does not provide enough space, even though right now even Lily's sister is living with us.
- we don't feel that we are giving away everything, we still go out, we still go shopping, we still meet friends often, we still take care of ourselves...

Life changes indeed, priorities change, responsibility increases and you worry more about the future than you used to before, but so far is a change for the better. We both are in our 30s, we've both enjoyed our years of going out often, and we both feel that it was probably time to move onto the new phase in life.

Other than that, not much to report.... Thanksgiving was nice, lots of food and good time spent with good people. Day after was nice too as it gave Lily the opportunity to have a break and go shopping with Danna, while I took Marc to meet Lucho and Betty (friends from Argentina who now live in Austin, TX) who were in Chicago for a few days.

The best thing though is that the countdown continues barely 1 and 1/2 weeks until our Christmas trip, we can barely wait.....


Oscar said...

It is really true that Marc is growing more and more everyday!!! We have also noticed that:
- Marc is much prettier than his father ;P
- he can also make money as a piano player!!!!

Now seriously, keep on writting this great blog and post your pictures. Olalla and myself love to read about the 3 of you!!!

KULA said...

You better not move to the suburbs. I will get a court to legally stop you from doing so.

Also, people only let their lives change as much as they want. You guys are a great example that babies don't make you stop having fun, but you stop yourself from having fun and blame the baby. You guys are the best :)