Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cheers from sunny Altea

Life is good, but even better when the sun shines, weather is warm and you can enjoy long walks and runs by the Mediterraneum sea... These are the times when I wonder what the heck I´m doing in Chicago... Oh well, other than a long cold and snowy winter, Chicago has many perks to offer, so we won´t complain much.

I don´t have much time to write and we don´t have internet connection at home, I´m actually writting from my Ana and Jose´s plac (my sister and brother in law). Things have been great since we arrived, so much love and attention. Everybody wanted to meet Marc and Lily, they also were happy to see me, but only after Marc and Lily :)

Feels great to be surrounded by family and friends!

The trip was quite an adventure, it almost deserves its own posting... 6 hours delay in O´Hare due to snow, change of tickets in Madrid for our Madrid-Alicante flight, etc, etc... The best thing is that Marc slept really good in the plane and behaved great all the time, he seems to be quite a traveller!!!!!!!

Enough for today, time to go for dinner with friends now, it´s tough to be us :P

Love to all and best wishes for Christmas!


KULA said...

When do you get back? We miss you guys so much, especially Marc.

macandchen said...

Hey hey hey, we are back in snow-covered Chicago! We missed you guys too.