Friday, August 22, 2008

I've been chained....

Well well well... those of you living in the US may be aware of the chain bowling ball tradition, basically they have a very heavy iron chain attached to a bowling ball in one side and to a pair of hand-cuffs in the other.

When you are about to get married your co-workers hand-cuff you to the bowling ball and make you walk around the whole day trying to find out who has the key, you ask people and they are supposed to tell you if they ever had the key and if they did, who did they give it to....

In my department, they've taken this tradition to the next level, for folks about to have a baby they have a new "device", basically:

- somebody bought a plastic baby doll.

- filled it with concrete.

- attached the same heavy iron chain and pair of hand-cuffs.

The basic "rules of the game" are the same.

Yesterday was my day to "suffer" this nice tradition, my co-workers prepared a surprise meeting, brought the chain-concrete-baby and showed some videos of crying babies using the projector... We went out for lunch to Chili's and I only manage to find the key at around 2:30pm.

I have to admit it was fun and a very cool surprise, it was nice of them to take the time and effort to prepare the whole thing, thanks guys!

Some pictures were taken with cellphones....


malicante said...

es incrible, que buenas costumbres tienen por alli,jajjajajaja
asi con el muñequito puedes ir practicando, pero sin sonido.
mil besitos para los tres

macandchen said...

Hola bichejo!

Que alegria ver tu comentario en el blog! No pude practicar mucho porque entre el bebe relleno de cemento y la cadena pesaba una tonelada :)

Besotes pa ti y pa el senor abogado :)