Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's day...

... or: how dad and mom get an opportunity to go out and enjoy a romantic night together.

Yes indeed, our good friend Kula volunteered to babysit Marc on Valentine's night, what a nice detail! Being far from our families, these are the kind of things that mean the world to us.

The plan for the night? Dinner a
Sura Thai Bistro and a movie. Again, it may not sound like much, but to us it is. One of the few things we really miss from our life pre-Marc are our weekly movie sessions.

Dinner was amazing, a festival of flavours and great presentations. Kudos to a creative special menu built around flowers with a total of 4 dishes each one of them equally impressive, I wish I remember the names of the plates, but there was a little bit of everyt
hing: roasted duck salad, ceviche, orchid tempura,... Following are a couple of shots we took:

After the nice dinner we enjoyed "Revolutionary Road", some may say "not the happiest movie for a Valentine's date", but what a great movie nevertheless, two great actors probably at the peak of their game, specially Kate Winslet who fills the screen with an unbelievable portrait of these woman trapped in a life she cannot stand.

Happy Valentine's (even if with a little delay) :)


Missy said...

I love that picture of Marc. Happy Valentine's to the Carames-Chen family!!! xoxo

KULA said...

Like I said, my services are available any time :)
It was the best Valentine's day for me, to spend with such a handsome boy. Marc and I had a great time, though I suspect he was a little bored, since he slept the whole time :)