Friday, January 23, 2009

Surviving the winter

It's been tough to find time to blog lately, specially since I joined facebook... Kind of difficult to keep both sites updated, specially during the winter when not much is happening. I just uploaded a few new pictures to Picasa:

Some of them were from our last couple of days in Altea, the rest were taken the last couple of weeks capturing some m
ajor milestones:

- Marc has started to eat cereal, I can't say he's enjoying it much, but hey, he'll get there.

- Marc is trying to walk, yep, he's only 4 months and a half, but he's already decided that he can skip the sitting up and crawling stages. Therefore we bought a doorway jumper for him which he really digs, good stuff!

What else? Last week we were missing Spanish food so much that we placed an order in We got the shipment yesterday: Jamon Iberico, Lomo, Chorizo and Paella rice. It was awesome to try them out yesterday for dinner and remember the good times we spent back home in Altea.

We miss everybody tremendously!

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